How to Sell Digital Products or a Service in Shopify

Did you know that Shopify is not just for physical products and services?

It’s true! You can also sell digital services and products, such as books, printables, and tickets.  It is simple and easy, plus- no one has to monitor inventory ( unless it’s tickets for an event) or pay for shipping!

Here’s how.

Configure your product

Step #1: Go to your Shopify account and click the “Products” tab:

Step #2: Click on the product you want to modify. Locate “Variants” , then click on an existing variant that you want to modify or click on “Add Variant” and modify the new one.

Step #3: Now, locate the “Shipping” section and deselect the box to the right of “This physical product ”:

Step #4: To conclude, click the blue “Save” button located at the top right hand corner of the screen:

That’s it! Seriously, it is that easy!  Follow the above steps, add your digital products/services to your Shopify backend, and get to selling.

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