Adding the Instagram Sales channel to your Shopify account will connect your Shopify products to Instagram. Once this is set up, you can sell your products directly through Instagram. 

Just make sure that you’re eligible for selling on Instagram. Instagram has rules and policies such as specific supported markets for merchants who want to sell on the platform.

Assuming you meet the requirements, follow these steps for setting up the Instagram sales channel:

Step #1: Click the plus sign (+) next to “Sales Channels” on your Shopify admin dashboard.

Step #2: Select Instagram from the list. 

Step #3: Click “Add Sales Channel”

Step #4: Log In to your Facebook Account Page and “authenticate” your Instagram account in the sales channel

Once Instagram has been synced with your Shopify account, you can manage your product catalog directly from your Instagram business profile. Now all orders made through Instagram will be processed and managed through Shopify.