For those of you who need some assistance with your Shopify store, you can find help using the Shopify Experts feature. These experts can help you with a wide range of categories, such as:

  • Store Setup
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Visual Content and Branding
  • Development and Troubleshooting
  • Content Writing
  • Expert Guidance

Within each main category, there are subcategories for specific tasks. For example, if you need help with your store setup, you can hire an expert for things like adding pages or migrating your store to Shopify from another platform. 

All you need to do is fill out a service request, and you’ll be matched with a qualified expert.

Step #1: Click your account name in the top right corner of your admin dashboard.

Step #2: Select “Hire a Shopify expert” from the drop-down menu. 

Once you complete the first two steps, you’ll be redirected to the Experts Marketplace.

Step #3: Select a service category.

Step #4: Choose a specific service within that category. 

In this example, I chose the “store setup” service. The specific service I selected within that category was “build or redesign store.” 

Step #5: Select your budget.

Step #6: Choose specific tasks.

You’ll also have the opportunity to upload any files or add some notes for the expert on this page. These are both optional choices.

Step #7: Describe your business.

Step #8: Set expert preferences. 

Step #9: Confirm and send job.

That’s it!

Sending a job request does not mean that you’re committing to anything. You’re simply submitting a description of your needs to qualified candidates. 

From here, Shopify will connect you with experts who fall within the parameters you selected. An expert will contact you with more information about the job, including the rate.

After you agree to work with an expert, they’ll send you an invoice. Depending on the expert, this might happen before or after the work has been completed. Invoices are managed directly through the Shopify platform.

All expert invoices are billed separately from your Shopify plan. You can view and pay invoices from your Shopify billing page.