The best way to create wholesale customers with Shopify is to assign those users to a price list. Once a customer has been assigned to a specific list, you can create orders for them.

Alternatively, Shopify gives you the option to invite those wholesale users to create an account on your website. This gives those people the ability to submit orders themselves. 

Note: Shopify wholesale options are only available to merchants with a Shopify Plus plan. 

Before you get started, you must have the following settings in place:

  • A tag associated with a wholesale price list.
  • A customer with a valid email address under their account. 

Once these two parameters are in place, here’s what you need to do.

Step #1: Navigate to the “Customers” section of your admin dashboard.

Step #2: Choose the customer you want to assign wholesale pricing.

Step #3: Assign this customer the tag associated with your wholesale price list. 

Step #4: Save the changes.

Now this customer will benefit from a percentage discount on all products or volume discounts based on how you set up your wholesale price list. 

By using price list tags, Shopify makes it easy for you to offer various wholesale pricing rates to different customers.