Abandoned cart orders are common problems for e-commerce site owners. Oftentimes, potential customers begin filling out their checkout form, only to leave and never return. It is critical to target these abandoned cart orders to boost sales.

Recovering Abandoned Cart Orders

The best way to recover abandoned cart orders is to set up an automatic email for customers, asking them to return to complete their order. You will want to provide a direct link to the checkout to make it easy for them to return.

You can set this up in two ways:

  1. Use Shopify’s built-in feature for Abandoned checkout recovery (requires Professional or Unlimited plan)Unfortunately, Shopify has very limited features for recovering abandoned shopping carts. You can’t use them to test exit popups, coupon offers or other strategies.
  2. Use 3rd party Shopify apps

Using Shopify’s native cart abandonment feature

Step #1: In the Shopify store admin, go to the Settings then click on Notification Section

Step #2: Click “Customize the Abandoned Checkout Notification email template” to edit the email template.

Step #4:  Go to the “Orders” section and click the “Abandoned Checkouts” to view your Abandoned Checkouts

Step #5:  You can manually send emails to customers at the top-left corner of the page, by clicking “Send a cart recovery email” button. This allows you to send email to notify your customers that their checkout was unsuccessful. The exact link where they left off will be found attached with the email as well

Step #6: You have the option to add a custom message or skip and click “Review email.” This will show you on what your email will look like in it is dummy form. You can check if details inclusive in the email are correct then you can hit “Send Notification” once the notification is good to go.

Using a 3rd party cart Shopify app for abandonment

There are several Shopify apps in the marketplace that offer more robust features, which make it easy to add discounts and incentives to get your customers to return.

One of the more popular cart abandonment apps is Abandon-Aid.

Take it one step further.

The reality is, most customers will leave the site before viewing the checkout cart. You should create an incentive to encourage customers to complete the process if they try leaving the site.

The Exit Offers app allows you to show a one-time offer to customers trying to leave the site, which increases your chances of closing the sale.

You should be ready to spend the money and time needed to recover lost sales. It’s well worth the cost.

Abandoned Carts aren’t something to be sad about, this is like dead sales that you can still work out on. Take advantage of the opportunity of contacting them upon their unfinished checkouts and offer them something to hook them and end up checking out successfully.