Who We Are

WiseMerchant systematically analyzes and breaks down successful online e-commerce businesses to show aspiring and established entrepreneurs how to do the same. WiseMerchant’s goal is to help nurture and guide future generations of online e-commerce entrepreneurs, because we believe it’s the future.

Here To Help

WiseMerchant is looking to be a resource for all students who are dabbling in entrepreneurship. If you are a student who has entrepreneurial experience, WiseMerchant wants to help.

At WiseMerchant, we understand that students are the future. We feel that it is important to incentivize students with true entrepreneurial tendencies, after all, we believe it’s the future of job creation and a thriving economy.

This is why we are offering two exceptional students entrepreneurs per semester the opportunity for scholarships, to help aid in their tuition expenses.

Reward and Experience

The WiseMerchant Scholarship Fund will grant two students each $500 to be used towards books and tuition. The students must either already be attending a university or planning to attend in the upcoming semester.

How To Apply

Applicants will be asked to write an essay, no more than 1,500 words, discussing your favorite entrepreneurial story and how it has inspired and motivated you to strive higher in order to reach your goals.

We would like you to touch on how this specific story is unique and how it has influenced your goals.

Applications Process

Once you have completed the essay you can email it to scholarship@wisemerchant.com and include the following information:

  1. Your full name, telephone number and mailing address.
  2. The name of the college or university that you currently attend or will be attending.
  3. Proof that you have, either been accepted or are currently attending the college or university that you specified.
  4. The area that you study.


A current high school student attending a college or university in the following semester.

A full time college or university student in good academic standing.

Shows a desire to continue their higher education to most efficiently impact their community.


Two $500 scholarships will be awarded by WiseMerchant leadership for the spring and fall semesters to whom we see the best fit.

Essays must be submitted by July 15th & Dec 15th of each calendar year and winners will be announced by Aug 15th & Jan 15th of each year. For students who have questions, feel free to call at (323) 423-8933.

NOTE: WiseMerchant has a Privacy Policy for all applicants submissions. These submission will NOT be shared and are for WiseMerchant’s use only. No third party will be granted access to any information that we collect during this process. At the time of the submission deadline, we will evaluate all submissions and individually contact each winning applicant.