Your Shopify store needs to have images. Some examples of images that you might want to use include:

  • Company Logos
  • Product Images
  • Slideshows
  • Banners
  • Blog Post Images

Depending on where you want to use an image, it may be in your best interest to upload images as a specific size or format. 

I’ll explain how to upload images to Shopify in this tutorial.

Step #1: Click “Customize” for a theme in your “Online Store” sales channel. 

Step #2: Choose the section of the theme you want to edit.

Step #3: Click “Select Image.”

Step #4: Select the “Upload” option.

Step #5: Choose an image from your computer. 

The following image formats are all supported by Shopify:

  • JPG
  • JPEG
  • Progressive JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF

JPEG images are best for things like products, banners, pages, and blog posts. PNG images are recommended for logos, borders, trims, and icons. 

Note: Any image uploaded to Shopify cannot exceed 20 megabytes or 20 megapixels.