The Shopify POS system is a great tool for in-person selling. Once you add products to a customer’s shopping cart, there are a wide range of payment methods that you can accept in-store. 

Customers can use multiple payment methods for the same order. You also have the ability to collect partial payments.

Note: Don’t click “External Terminal” as the payment method unless you’re using a separate payment processor from a third-party. Shopify does not process any payments from external terminals. 

Cash Payments

If a customer wants to pay with cash, follow these steps:

Step #1: Click “Charge” from the shopping cart screen. 

Step #2: Choose “Cash” from the “Select Payment” window. By default, the total amount of the order will appear on the screen.

Step #3: Enter the amount of cash the customer is paying with (if they’re not paying with exact cash). 

Step #4: Ask the customer if they want a printed receipt, return their change (if applicable) and tap “Done.”

Credit/Debit Card Payments

You can accept credit and debit cards from your customers using a supported card reader from Shopify POS.

Step #1: Tap “Charge” when viewing the customer’s shopping cart.

Step #2. Swipe the card. If you have a tap, chip, and swipe card reader, you can also accept contactless payments. This includes tap credit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and chip cards. 

Step #3: Have the customer authorize the payment with a PIN or signature. This depends on what type of card they’re paying with and the card reader that you’re using.

Signatures can be collected directly on the Shopify POS tablet. 

Step #4: Ask the customer if they want a receipt, and click “Done” when you’re finished.

If you’re having problems with a card or your card reader, you can manually enter the credit card information to accept the customer’s payment. This will be a card-not-present sale, similar to how you process payments online. All manual card entries are subject to the Shopify online credit card rates, even if it’s processed in-person from a Shopify POS terminal.

Gift Card Payments

If you have a Shopify plan, then you can accept gift card payments from your Shopify POS.

Step #1: Tap “Charge” from the shopping cart page.

Step #2: Choose “Gift Card” from the “Select Payment” window.

Step #3: Scan the gift card barcode using the front-facing camera on your POS device. You can also use a 2D barcode scanner, or manually enter the code.

Step #4: Click “Redeem.”

Step #5: Ask the customer if they want a receipt and then click “Done.”

You can let your customers pay at a later time by clicking “Unpaid.” All unpaid orders are processed as a $0 transaction until payment has been accepted.