Once you’ve started writing and publishing blogs in Shopify, you’ll also need to know how to edit and manage your content. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to edit, change the visibility, delete, and add images to your Shopify blogs. 

How to Edit a Blog Post

Whether you want to add new content, fix a broken link, or update a blog post for accuracy, you’ll need to edit the post. This can be accomplished in just a few simple steps.

Step #1: Navigate to “Online Store” from your Shopify admin dashboard and select “Blog Posts.”

Step #2: Click on the post that needs edits.

Step #3: Edit the content and click save.

How to Hide a Blog Post

At times, you may want to remove a blog post from your website without deleting it. To change the visibility of a post, take the following steps:

Step #1: Click the blog you want to edit from the “Blog Posts” page.

Step #2: Change the visibility to “Hidden.”

Step #3: Save your changes.

How to Delete a Blog Post

For one reason or another, certain blog posts need to be deleted. Maybe you decided that the writing wasn’t good, or maybe you published something by mistake. Regardless of the reason, here’s how you delete a Shopify blog post:

Step #1: Select the blog you want to remove from your “Blog Posts” page.

Step #2: Click “Actions.”

Step #3: Select “Delete Blog Post” from the drop-down menu.

Step #4: Confirm delete.

How to Add an Image to a Blog Post

Visual content enhances your blog posts. That’s why you should include images to break up your text. Here’s how you add an image to a Shopify blog post.

Step #1: Click on the image icon above the content area.

Step #2: Select an image that’s already been uploaded to your account, or upload one from your computer. 

Step #3: Choose the size of the image from the drop-down menu.

Step #4: Click “Insert Image.”

Managing your blog content in Shopify is simple. For those of you who need help editing, hiding, deleting, or adding images to your blog posts, keep this tutorial as a reference. 

How to Edit the SEO Listing for a Blog Post

Shopify lets you modify the text that gets displayed in the search engine results for your blogs. By adding a brief description and SEO-friendly title, it can give your customers more of an incentive to click on your content. 

Step #1: Click “Edit website SEO” in the “Search engine listing” menu of the blog you want to edit.

Step #2: Edit the title, meta description, and URL handle with SEO best practices.

Step #3: Save your changes. 

Pay attention to the character limits for the page title and meta description. If you go over the limit then your text will be shortened in the SERPs. Make sure you add relevant keywords in the description so customers can find your store.