Gift cards can be issued to customers as a reward, promotion, or incentive for taking a certain action. 

Each time a gift card is issued, you’re generating a new gift card code. This code gets emailed to the customer, without any payments collected. You get to determine how much you want the gift card to be worth and which customers will receive it.

Step #1: Click “Gift Cards” under the “Products” menu of your Shopify admin homepage.

Step #2: Select “Issue Gift Card.”

A random code will automatically be generated for you. However, you can change the code to whatever you want. 

Step #3: Choose the gift card value.

You’ll have the ability to edit the amount of the gift card by choosing a recommended denomination, or by selecting “Other” and manually typing in the amount you want.

Step #4: Send the card to a specific customer.

You can also add a note as to why the gift card is being issued. Then just issue the card and it will be sent to the selected customer.