Shopify transfers track the inventory of incoming orders from suppliers. If you make a mistake with your transfer, it will mess up your inventory.

Fortunately, you can undo a transfer if you made a mistake. There are three ways to do this.

Option #1: Go to your “Transfers” page. Select the transfer you want to undo and click “Delete Transfer” at the bottom of the page. This option only works if you haven’t received any inventory from this transfer yet. 

Option #2: To undo a partial transfer, click on the transfer number, and then click “Receive Items.” From here, add a negative quantity to the variant that needs to be adjusted. This will cancel out the mistake you made.

Option #3: Go to your “Products” page and manually adjust the inventory for the variants you want to change. 

The third option will be required if your transfer was completed in full and marked as “Complete” on your transfers page. Once a transfer is marked as complete, it becomes greyed out and cannot be edited.