If you buy a domain through Shopify, it will automatically be configured with your primary domain. By default, all primary Shopify domains look like this:


If you want to use a custom URL such as www.samplestorename.com, then you can add custom domain one of two ways:

  • Buy a domain from Shopify (if you don’t already own one).
  • Connect a custom domain to your online store or transfer the management to Shopify (if you already own one).

Follow these steps to buy a domain from Shopify:

Step #1: Go to your “Online Store” sales channel and select “Domains” from the expanded menu.

Step #2: Click the “Buy a New Domain” button. 

Step #3: Enter the name of the domain you want to buy.

Step #4: Click “Buy.”

Next, you’ll need to review your purchase summary and personal information. You should also choose to auto-renew the domain every year. This will prevent you from losing the domain when it expires.

It can take up to 48 hours for a new domain to start working after you finalize the purchase. 

Shopify does not offer email accounts with domain purchases. However, it does have unlimited email forwarding accounts for your domain name. 

Note: Shopify domain purchases are not eligible for refunds.