Once you’ve browsed the Shopify Theme Store and found a theme that you like, you’ll need to add that theme to your Shopify Store.

There are three main ways to do this.

  • Upload a .zip file of a theme on your computer.
  • Add a free theme from your admin dashboard.
  • Buy a paid theme.

Note: Paid themes must be purchased before you can publish them. However, you can try paid themes before buying them. 

Upload a Theme

Step #1: From your admin dashboard, click “Online Store.”

Step #2: Navigate to “Themes.”

Step #3: Click “Upload Theme.”

Then simply choose the file from your computer. All .zip files must be under 50 MB. Your uploaded file will be added to your “Themes” page.

Add a Free Theme

Step #1: Select “Explore Free Themes” from the “Themes” page of your “Online Store” menu.

Step #2: Choose a theme. 

Step #3: Click “Add Theme to Library.”

Try and Buy a Theme

Step #1: Navigate to the Shopify Theme Store.

Step #2: Choose a Theme.

Step #3: Select “Try Theme” before you purchase it.

The theme will appear as “Trial Theme” alongside the other themes in your Shopify admin. You will not be able to publish a paid theme until you buy it.